Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The first two weeks at home

So I actually uploaded these pictures like 2 weeks ago, the day after Halloween, I think. But I got kinda busy with the whole mom-gig going on 24 hours a day, and I forgot to come back and write in some captions and post them. Oh well. Better late than never. 

So of course, the pictures of James are a couple of weeks old, but he hasn't changed tooo much. I'll get some more recent ones up soon too... maybe. 

When Gmom is here, Seth is forever attached to her tablet. He is super good at matching and puzzle games, and also loves angry birds. 

From his first week at home.

Showing off the princess snowboots she got.

And Lightning McQueen for Seth of course.

Some shots of the littlest man in the house. Such a cute little boy. He smiles now too! But of course, I don't have a picture yet.

Ellie is much more convinced now that James is not so fragile that she can't touch or hold him. She is super sweet and helpful with her baby bro.

Getting to know Gmom.

Seth always crashes in fun ways.

He spends much of his time pushing trucks and things around on all the furniture in the house. 

Ellie and I got some pretty roses, a teddy bear, and some chocolates from Pa in Mexico. She told me they are "for mommy and Ellie TO SHARE", even when I offer for her to have the teddy for herself.

Scary Dino.

Seth no longer ignores the baby's existence. But he's not pushy with him either, luckily for us. 

Who eats fruity pebbles and manages to get them stuck between their eyes? Only this kid. 

They really do play so well together most the time. Such cuties. 

Yet, such troublemakers.

Ellie cooked her own scrambled eggs. She loves to help in the kitchen.

Checking out James.

Little man was 7 lbs 6 oz as of his last check at 4 weeks. Still has little chicken legs, but the numbers are going up! :)

No matter how many different ideas were suggested, Ellie absolutely insisted on being a construction worker for Halloween. And I must say, she was adorable. 

And it looked like a Beastie Boys video when the little dino-monster showed up. :)

Seth surprised us by actually enjoying his costume and keeping the hat part on all night.


Dad took them to the houses, while I followed in the car to stay warm with James. Ellie was a pro, and Seth didn't seem to care about the actual trick-or-treating, but was super excited to go to new houses and see new people, jumping happily and saying hi to everyone excitedly. 

Then they came home, and Ellie sorted her candy, while Seth chose to munch an apple instead. 


Bryce + Christi said...

James is SO handsome! What awesome kids. I love how the seem to always be wearing pink Ellie, wanted to be a construction worker! Haha! Your kids are adorable!

La Roggia said...

James seriously has the cutestttt little button face! I love it!

Elizabeth said...

He is so beautiful!